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Future Primal Endurance shows will be published on the Primal Blueprint Podcast channel. Please subscribe and enjoy the diverse content on this thriving channel. You’ll see the Endurance shows designated accordingly for quick access at a glance. You’ll also enjoy feature interviews from ancestral health leaders, shows dedicated to keto, and narrations of MarksDailyApple.com posts. 
In this fast-paced show, Brad hits you with a barrage of hot topics and reflections about healthy eating and training: Shifting from HIIT to HIRT, as advocated by Craig Marker at StrongFirst (listen to his Primal Endurance episode). Stands for High-Intensity Repeat Training. The importance of gut health, especially for endurance athletes who tempt gut dysfunction with long, hot workouts. How Brad healed his gut dysfunction by pounding probiotic foods and supplements and making his own kombucha. Brad’s surprising recent test results from NourishBalanceThrive (listen to previous shows with Chris Kelly and with Dr. Tommy Wood), possibly indicating he should eat more food! A fantastic success story from UK, where coach Morgan has healed from serious heart problems with the Primal Endurance approach. Can I add 5 more beats to my MAF based on AeT test results? I’m concerned about going slower after a couple of months of MAF. Comparing the aerobic benefits of running and cycling and the cross training effect. A question about the great Walter George, 1880’s era world record-setting runner, and his amazing “100-up” running drill. Finally, Brad describing his spontaneous, intuitive, sometimes keto, sometimes not eating patterns. 

We are switching the publication of Primal Endurance podcasts over to the Primal Blueprint channel. [00:00:34] 

When preparing for high Intensity repeat training make sure you are rested and motivated, then recover. [00:01:51] 

Poor gut health is very prevalent and we might not even know we have a problem. [00:06:23] 

Learn how to make your own Kombucha. [00:13:09] 

It is believed that Triglycerides to HDL ratio is a key to heart disease risk factor metric. (1 to 1 or better is the goal.) [00:17:05] 

Success story from Morgan Williams talks about how the primal endurance program helped him get out of the unfit coach trap.  [00:22:50] 

Lisa, age 48, is seeing limited results from Maffetone aerobic threshold. How to adjust your training is suggested. [00:25:34] 

When someone like MaryAnn is trying something new, it’s okay to ask “What is normal?” [00:28:44] 

Mike asks: Running is much more taxing than biking. Is there a comparable maximum duration training run? [00:30:56] 

Mike also asks does building the aerobic base for running will help your cycling base and vice versa? [00:34:54] 

Sauna is highly recommended for recovery. [00:35:52] 

Lor asks about the 100-up drill. Is it a good way to build foot and leg strength for running?  [00:38:24] 

Brian asks about the Keto Diet.  What does Brad’s eating day look like? [00:43:46] 

Do you know what happens to an animal that is stressed at the moment they die? [00:52:21] 

Dark chocolate is great but you should look at label and see “bean to bar.” Cacao bean should be the first ingredient. Also you should see “fair trade” designation.  [00:55:24] 


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