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The Most Comprehensive Online Course On Endurance Training Ever Developed

Enjoy multimedia content from dozens of the world's leading athletes, coaches, trainers, therapists, and experts in exercise physiology, sports psychology, endurance training and competing, healthy eating and effective stress management. Enjoy a streamlined educational experience covering the content in the bestselling book, Primal Endurance, compiled and organized in one convenient place. Your enrollment gives you password access to an online portal to download or stream the following multimedia content:

Video Instruction - Over 120 Videos!

  • Kick-start video series summarizing each step in the Primal Endurance approach.
  • Detailed summary of each chapter of Primal Endurance book.
  • Hot topics offering more detail on important chapter content.
  • Interviews from the world's leading endurance athletes/coaches/experts - the most comprehensive library of endurance training instruction and philosophical discussion with leading experts and athletes ever assembled.
  • Practical instruction videos: Learn quick & easy primal meals, desserts and energy snack recipes, comprehensive running technique instruction and drills, yoga routines specifically for endurance athletes, guided ball/roller therapy sessions, and more.
  • Primal Endurance talk show: Authors Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns engage in a lively hour-long discussion covering the book and all aspects of endurance training and healthy, primal living.
  • Step-by-Step Finishing touch videos to help you take specific, actionable steps to put your education into practice!

Audio Content

  • Audio Book: Primal Endurance audio book (13 hours, unabridged)
  • Chapter Summaries: Detailed summaries of each Primal Endurance book chapter
  • Podcasts: A selection of the most relevant podcasts from the Primal Endurance channel to bolster the mastery course study topics


  • Primal Endurance full-length digital book (352 pages)
  • Primal Endurance Glyph Notes - 55 page summary of the book, organized into "115 Things You Need To Know"
  • Primal Blueprint Guide to a Barefoot Dominant Lifestyle - Transition safely into the barefoot/minimalist shoe experience
  • Primal Blueprint Guide to Vitamin D Health
  • Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation - Ditch toxic modern foods and transition into primal eating and living - includes daily action plans in diet, exercise, and lifestyle
  • Primal Blueprint Fitness: - Details for how to integrate the Primal Essential Movements and other high intensity workouts into your routine
  • Primal Blueprint Guide to Modern Foraging: - Handy guidebook to support smart shopping and meal preparation

Ongoing Support

  • Private Facebook members-only group to engage with fellow athletes.
  • Lifetime Access to all of the exclusive online content.

How to Study

When you enroll in the mastery course, you gain instant access to a robust and easy to navigate portal (via desktop, pad, or mobile device) containing all the multimedia educational materials. You can download eBooks or .mp3 audio files to read/listen offline, or stream the videos of your choice. You can proceed in a linear manner through the content aligned with the chapters in the Primal Endurance book, or jump to in-depth interview commentary or practical instruction in the areas of your particular interest. Enjoy lifetime access and support.

Lose Excess Fat, Preserve Health, Moderate Stress, And Reject The Flawed Conventional Training Approach

Essentially, the Primal Endurance book is brought to life in multimedia, taking you deeper than ever before into the key endurance training concepts—concepts that are often grossly misunderstood and misapplied when following the conventional “struggle and suffer” approach. Join the revolution and learn about the most healthy and effective way to train for all manner of endurance sports. The videos cover the Primal Endurance philosophy and chapter topics in great detail. You'll enjoy a tremendous variety of value-added content, including:

  • Guided yoga class designed for endurance athletes and favored by Tour de France riders.
  • A balance/flexibility/mobility skills assessment (with corrective exercises) from a top NBA trainer.
  • Quick, fun, easy recipes for primal-aligned (high fat, low-carb/keto) meals and nutritious, high-energy snacks on the go.
  • How to perform a Maximum Aerobic Function test, the #1 most important fitness marker of them all.
  • Psychological aspects of healthy goal setting, re-committing, and aligning with a higher purpose.
  • Exclusive, never-before-seen commentary from Olympic gold medalists and world champions on the secrets of peak performance and overcoming obstacles.
  • ...and much more!
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7 eBooks
Full length Primal Endurance book and numerous supporting materials about barefoot/minimalist, vitamin D health, primal eating and exercising, and 21-day total body transformation.
90 Day Journal
Writable pdf journal with detailed workout log, daily 1-10 subjective evaluation grid, benchmark workouts, and a detailed resource library.
Unabridged Audio Book
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Audio Educational Programming
Fantastic audio shows with interesting guests offering novel and memorable commentary that is both entertaining and practically valuable.
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