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Master The Challenges Of Endurance Training, Primal-Style!

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Welcome To The Revolution!

Primal Endurance applies an all-encompassing approach to endurance training that includes primal-aligned eating to escape carbohydrate dependency and enhance fat metabolism, building an aerobic base with comfortably paced workouts, strategically introducing high intensity strength and sprint workouts, emphasizing rest, recovery, and an annual periodization, and finally cultivating an intuitive approach to training instead of the usual robotic approach of fixed weekly workout schedules. It’s about building your health through sensible training patterns, instead of destroying your health through chronic training patterns. While it might be hard to believe at first glance, you can actually get faster by backing off from the overly aggressive and overly regimented “Type-A” training approach that prevails in today’s endurance community. Primal Endurance will show you how, every step of the way.

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Meet Your Host

The online master course is hosted by Brad Kearns, co-author (with Mark Sisson) of Primal Endurance, host of the Primal Endurance podcast, and former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. Join Brad as he converts every section of the book to video instruction, and as he travels across the continent to bring never-before-published insights from a vast collection of experts in endurance coaching and training, exercise physiology, physical therapy/mobility/flexibility, health, diet, medicine, and several of the greatest endurance athletes in history.

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About Primal Endurance

Endurance sports have exploded in popularity, but the traditional “chronic cardio” approach to training causes athletes to struggle and suffer instead of having fun and being healthy. Overly stressful training patterns lead to a dependency on large amounts of dietary carbohydrates, difficulty removing excess body fat despite many hours of weekly training, hormonal and metabolic dysfunction that destroys your health, and ultimately, repeating patterns of fatigue, illness, injury, and burnout.

It’s the dirty little secret of the endurance scene: The faces you see on the starting line, and the podium, will be much different five years from now. It’s just too tough on your body, and your personal life, to add more stress in the form of chronic exercise.

Many frustrated athletes are asking… "There’s got to be a better way…"

And there is…

Primal Endurance combines primal/paleo dietary principles with evolved endurance training methods such as emphasis on aerobic (fat burning) workouts, periodization (periods of training focused on specific types of workouts), eating nutrient-dense primal-style foods, conducting high intensity strength and sprint sessions in the right manner, paying proper attention to sleep (instead of just lip service) and integrating complementary movement, recovery and lifestyle practices that are just as important as your workout miles.