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Buoyed by the success of Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns's bestselling 2016 book Primal Endurance, we welcome you to the Primal Endurance community and our one-of-a-kind, comprehensive online master course in endurance training. The Primal Endurance approach will help you preserve health as you pursue ambitious endurance goals, and finally lose that stubborn excess body fat caused by carb dependency.

Master The Challenges Of Endurance Training Anytime, Anywhere.

Primal Endurance is about breaking free from chronic, overly stressful training patterns that promote carbohydrate dependency and burnout. Instead, you will learn how to:

Slow down to go faster by building an outstanding aerobic base.

Lose excess body fat and keep it off by becoming fat- and keto-adapted.

Balance stress, preserve health, and avoid burnout with an intuitive approach.

Be flexible and have more fun! Inconsistency is key.

Primal Endurance In Action

“After implementing the Primal Endurance principles, I improved my Spartan Beast Lake Tahoe race time by one hour, and in about half the training time.”

- Michael Yebba, 38

Become Part Of The Primal Endurance Revolution!

Primal Endurance will ensure that you protect your health, have fun, and finally achieve and maintain your ideal body composition as you pursue ambitious endurance goals -- a refreshing alternative to the conventional “struggle and suffer” endurance approach. Our comprehensive online course will help you gain mastery in these areas:

Aerobic Emphasis

Learn the secret to success in all endurance sports--slowing down and improving aerobic function to go faster in races. Emphasizing aerobic development will improve your ability to burn fat, both during exercise and at rest. In contrast, when you routinely train at heart rates above your aerobic maximum (like virtually all endurance athletes), you stay locked into a sugar burning, fat storing, high stress training pattern.


Structuring your year into time periods that emphasize different types of training, you’ll expertly blend aerobic base building periods with intensity/competitive periods, always balanced with mini and extended rest periods. Instead of the too-common regimented, robotic approach to scheduling, you’ll learn to cultivate an intuitive approach that ensures healthy stress/rest balance and high motivation levels.

Primal Eating

Transition from carbohydrate dependency to nutrient-dense, fat-adapted, primal-style eating. You’ll transition away from a grain-based, high-carbohydrate diet that promotes carb dependency and fat storage to a more nutrient-dense, more satisfying, healthy primal-style eating pattern. Hint: You’ll ditch toxic vegetable oils, sugars and grains, and favor meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Integrate Intensity

You'll learn the right way to add high intensity strength and sprint workouts into your routine, avoiding the risks of injury and burnout that come with a poorly structured approach. Once and for all, you’ll reject the common “hack” mentality that attempts to shortcut you to peak performance at the expense of your health by throwing in killer sessions indiscriminately or doing them too frequently.

Get Lean!

Leverage periodized, aerobic emphasis training with primal-style eating to become fat-adapted. Then, throw down some brief, high-intensity workouts to stimulate rapid fat reduction. Once you escape chronic training patterns, ditch toxic processed foods from your diet, and become fat adapted, you’ll be able to maintain your ideal body composition, even when you reduce training volume.

Complementary Practices

Most endurance athletes are all about mileage and volume. But your true potential is only accessed with a complementary approach where you make efforts to move more in daily life, prioritize sleep no matter what, address mobility/flexibility weaknesses with devoted practice, and use strategies to enhance recovery and stress/rest balance.

Primal Endurance In Action

“After using periodized blocks of training, honoring aerobic base building principles, and successfully balancing stress and rest, I was able to turn in my best marathon time ever for the Philadelphia Marathon. During the whole journey, intuition governed my eating habits, which was the key to my success.”

- Peter Coffey, 34

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