Rethinking No Pain, No Gain

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This show is about rethinking the basic notions of athletic training, particularly the ‘no pain no gain’ model that’s been widely criticized but is still embedded into DNA of many endurance athletes. Brad offers insights from four experts that may just blow your mind and get you to make some changes in your schedule that can lead to big improvements, and reduced risk of overtraining, illness, injury and burnout. These insights place particular emphasis on the recovery aspect of peak performance, something that has been overlooked or taken for granted by hard-charging endurance athletes. It’s time to wake up and implement an evolved approach to your endurance goals, with help from four great thought leaders Brad discusses in this show. Some brief highlights:


Dr. Phil Maffetone: Honor MAF heart rate and emphasize aerobic development. Never exceed 90% of max heart rate during high intensity sessions. 


Brian MacKenzie: The Power, Speed, Endurance guru and founder of Crossfit Endurance is now obsessed with recovery as the next evolution of athletic training–stuff like breathing practice, and hot and cold therapy! 


Joel Jamieson: Joel’s Rebound Workouts entail doing a focused protocol of movements that can actually help speed recovery by stimulating parasympathetic activity. The workout includes breathing, stretching, mobility/range of motion exercise, doing positive lifts only (dropping the weight after lifting to avoid eccentric), and doing very short intervals with mindful heart rate lowering during long recovery periods.

Craig Marker: Craig and Pavel Tsatsouline of StrongFirst and StrongEndurance suggest that the popular HIIT training is inferior to High-Intensity Repeat Training, where you rest long enough to deliver consistent high-quality efforts and don’t get exhausted by the end.

Whether you are a casual or serious endurance athlete, this show can transform your approach to sport, improving performance and reducing the risk of burnout. Listen to this show like your life depends upon it!

Brad reviews the most important insights gathered from his interviews with these experts.

Dr. Phil Maffetone: It’s so important to get this out there: The Maffetone formula is 180 minus your age in beats per minute is the maximum fat-burning point that should be the goal of all people interested in maintaining the best training and fitness. [00:03:36] 

You need not ever exceed 90 percent of your maximum heart rate even during the most intense and explosive training sessions. [00:06:26] 

Brian MacKenzie, Founder of CrossFit: Breathing, Recovery, Training, Strength and Conditioning, Endurance, Sports Programming, Mechanics, Injuries, Nutrition, and Sleep Analysis are the pieces he puts together to create the total athlete. [00:10:31] 

The Ice Man, Wim Hof, trains people to overcome the resistance to cold with his breathing protocols. [00:14:57] 

Joel Jamison offers ground-breaking insights: Emphasis is on recovery-based training methods (rebound workouts). Those are the sessions you perform when you are trying to recover. [00:18:07] 

Craig Marker, Recommends High-Intensity Repeat Training which is to make the effort, rest for sufficient duration in terms of the quality of the effort.  [00:22:59] 

Four sprints and rest combo works the best for Brad. Focus on quality. [00:28:16]  

You can apply this same mentality no matter what your sport. The maximum sustained power session vs. the fatiguing session is important to understand. [00:29:31] 

Brad reviews the importance of resting between the mobility work. [00:34:43] can analyze your genetic profile to see what sport you are structured for. [00:37:59] 



1:59 Marathon



Win Hof

Joel Jamison

Phil Maffetone

Brian MacKenzie

Craig Marker



“The record will be broken by an athlete who is doing less mileage and less intensity than today’s marathon champions.” (Dr. Phil Maffetone)

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