Regular Show #115: Cortisol Showerhead

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Primal Endurance Chapter 11 – Hitting The Showers

Host Brad Kearns covers the profound message in the final chapter of Primal Endurance, titled “Hitting The Showers”. The premise is that we have a given amount of battery power over a lifetime (some more than others, eh?), and we must be judicious about how we dispense our energy. In particular, we must reflect on the balancing of peak performance goals with longevity. Often they can be at odds, but with a smart approach (this is what Primal Endurance is all about) these goals can be complementary. 

The Cortisol Showerhead conveys the idea that we have this reserve tank of the fight or flight stress hormone cocktail that allows us to rise to the occasion of high-stress modern life and perform at peak cognitive or physical function. [00:03:44] 

Brad talks about the idea of setting a pace for yourself to get the most out of life. [[00:05:53] 

How is it that different individuals seem to have such varied levels of work capacity, athletic potential, stress tolerance, and preferences for how much stimulus and excitement to take on over the course of your life? [00:10:28] 

What is this frantic search for happiness that this society seems to require of us? [00:15:18] 

How does it “just happen?” [00:20:18] 

How does one gauge the balance between peak performance and longevity? [00:25:02] 

Should one expect to feel burnout right away? [00:29:11] 

What happens when we decide to depart from routine in our training? [00:32:28] 

A more relaxed approach to your athletic goals will definitely pay off. [00:34:17] 

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