Regular Show #112: Primal Endurance Recovery Tips, Part 4

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Brad Kearns continues the discussion from last week with more recovery strategies, including: 

  • Refueling: Its a tricky balance between replenishing muscle glycogen and obtaining other nutrients when depleted, and becoming fat adapted/losing excess body fat by fasting in conjunction with intense workouts. 
  • R&R: A more chill approach to life and your daily routine can help you moderate the overall stress impact and increase enjoyment too. 
  • Self-myofascial release: Get into those trigger points (origination of pain/stiffness) and work it hard. The ‘good hurt’ stimulates parasympathetic function, helping you unwind from a high stress day.
  • Releasing your attachment to the outcome: Go with the flow, get overyourself – reduce stress of training/competing and increase enjoyment
  • HRV: Use this technology to try and gain control over your fight or flight response.

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