Regular Show #111: Listener Q&A

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Podcast 111, Q and A

A listener asks: What do you think about doing a MAF test for a set time? [00:02:18] 

As an older athlete who wants to compete, what is the best way maintaining the muscle mass and keeping the heart in good shape? [00:03:18] 

What is the difference between FTP training and Maffetone Maximum Aerobic Heart rate model? [00:06:32] 

How far out from marathon race day would you recommend the addition of speed, tempo, interval training when MAF is your day to day? [00:10:10] 

This obstacle course racer is asking about what he can do to enhance his rest and recovery time. What is the difference between rejuvenating and training during the off-season? [00:13:03] 

Brad discusses eating clean and what happens when you decide to partake of a special treat. [00:17:23] 

This question is from a cross-country skier: If I am going for a five to seven hour race, should I be working toward skiing that long in a training session and should I keep it aerobic? [00:22:50] 

Due to my schedule, I can’t run until after 9:00 p.m. is it okay for me to skip eating after these late night runs? [00:26:04] 

How do easy workouts contribute to your fitness? [00:30:42] 

From a 52 year old female triathlete: She wants to know why it is that she can compete at this elite level but in training, cannot break into a run without the MAF heart rate beeping. [00:37:22] 

Do you have to compromise health in any way to run the best you are capable of? [00:42:11] 

Maximum aerobic heart rate is the point where maximum benefits occur with minimal anaerobic stimulation that correlates to maximum fat oxidation per minute and it correlates to around 180 minus your age in heartbeats per minute.

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