Regular Show #109: Chris Kelly

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Host Brad Kearns talks to Chris Kelly of – a comprehensive health and peak performance testing and consultation program for athletes. Chris works in conjunction with Dr. Tommy Wood, a previous podcast guest. They have put over 1,000 athletes through their program, including many Olympic and world level performers. Everyone tested to date has come up with something that was compromising their performance and was addressed and resolved by this full-service testing (blood, urine, stool), consultation and healing (including supplements, and dietary and lifestyle modification). If you are an athlete looking to get the most out of your body, this show is certain to get you thinking about what you can do better. For decades, athletes have gone on a wild goose chase, looking outside the rigid confines of traditional medicine for wellness and healing opportunities. Often, this means witch doctors, questionable supplements, and wasted money. It appears that has put together the best aspects of traditional medical testing and holistic approach, and you can get a sneak preview for yourself by taking their 7 min performance evaluation that you can take for free at their website. Enjoy this show discussing the aspects of peak physical performance that are often overlooked by hard training athletes. 

Chris Kelly’s experience with poor health and poor medical advise brought him to realize how nutritional supplements can be the best treatment for his ailments. [00:01:10] 

Is having these digestive, libido, and malaise sort of problems unusual? [00:06:55] 

What Kinds of things are tested for when a person decides to test their system with your organization? [00:09:18] 

What are some of the common “red flags” he finds? [00:13:03] 

How does the computer analyze the information it receives? [00:16:25] 

How much does this program cost?  What does one get with signing up? [00:20:40] 

If there were one body part that needs the most focus, what would that be? [00:27:08] 

Is there any insurance coverage available for this program?  What about people who are budget sensitive? [00:31:07] 

What kinds of people are taking advantage of this program? [00:33:57] 

Nourish, Balance, Thrive

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