Primal Endurance 115 Things You Need To Know, Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of this multi-part presentation covering the 115 key insights from the Primal Endurance approach, which fall into six categories: Aerobic Training, Periodization, Primal Eating, Strength and Sprint Training, Complementary Movement And Lifestyle Practices, and Recovery.

The insights outlined in this show will provide you with an overview of the content in the Primal Endurance book as well as the online Mastery Course. This episode covers 10 key insights from the category of periodization, and you will learn what periodization entails, the importance of focusing on different types of training during specific blocks of time over a calendar year, and why consistency in the context of endurance training is actually ill advised. You will also learn why intensity should only be introduced after a successful aerobic period and last for a maximum of four weeks, effective strategies for intuitive training, and the importance of mini-rest periods and how to time them. Finally, you will hear how to formulate a season-ending rest period that is both diligent and comprehensive, and the surprising things you can do to promote peak performance.



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