Phil Maffetone

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Host Brad Kearns talks to one of the true legends of endurance athletics, Dr. Phil Maffetone. Dr. Maffetone has advised some of the greatest endurance athletes in history, like triathlon champions Mike Pigg and Mark Allen. For decades, Dr. Maffetone has been promoting the benefits of aerobic development and how to protect and nourish health in pursuit of ambitious endurance goals. In this episode, Dr. Maffetone details how to get started with the Maffetone method of endurance training, something that will be of particular interest to any endurance athlete who has experienced fatigue, injury, recurring minor illness, regression or stagnation in performance and especially inability to reduce excess body fat.

Dr. Maffetone says to the first start with a self-assessment of your body, performance, and stress levels. Take into account all stress factors, such as consuming refined carbs, drinking too much caffeine, not getting enough sleep, doing too much training and maintaining an elevated heart rate. The second step is to identify your maximum aerobic heart rate (the 180 minus age formula detailed in his book, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing) and commence a strict base building period. The third is to eliminate sugar and other refined carbs from your diet. Fourth, conduct a Maximum Aerobic Function test once a month to ensure that you are making steady progress in your aerobic development. Enjoy this informative discussion with Dr. Phil Maffetone, including his own music framing the show! Learn more at


Being fit does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. [02.40] 

  The difficulty of putting on events like triathlons and music concerts. [05:07] 

  How it’s hard to coach a hard-driving athlete to have patience and

  slow down their training. [07:30] 

  The problem of an incorrectly developed aerobic system. [10.09]

  The dangers of looking for a fight or flight reflex for satisfaction. [12:00]

  What can we do to balance stress, rest better and be healthier? [14.32]

  What are the first steps to eliminating excess body fat? Diet or exercise? [15:34]  

  If people build a really good aerobic base and want to fine tune their speed, how can they do that? [19:52] 

  Stress is something that needs to be addressed. There is physical, chemical (dietary), and mental/emotional stress. [23:16] 

  How to tell if you don’t have a good aerobic heart rate. [24:34] 

  Why you should get off sugar. [26:46] 

  The concept of “cheat days” is leading you on the wrong path. [28:53] 

  Get rid of your stresses.  When you have a healthier aerobic system, the body is meant to deal with stress. [30:52] 

  How do you build a better aerobic system? [35:43] 

  Dr. Maffetone spent years coming up with a heart rate formula (180 minus your age). What does this number represent? [00:39:50] 

  With a heart monitor, you will be able to get a good idea of how your body is progressing.  [46:38] What is this test? You strap on the heart rate monitor and establish a fixed course that you repeat. [53:04] 

  The important thing relating to competitive success is simply slowing down the average pace in workouts. [57:26]  

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