Phil Maffetone: Avoiding the ills of modern society

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Dr. Phil Maffetone returns to the show and we take a few steps back to cover some big picture items. First, the tremendous amount manipulation and hype we are exposed to each day with mainstream media is destructive and unhealthy. Phil disengages from this stuff! Realize how we make impulse decisions based on primitive brain function, or alternatively can get over-analytical. Better to cultivate our intuition where we can leverage both powerful gut instincts with our rational mind skills. Phil describes the global “overfat” epidemic, and how you can strive to keep waistline less than half your height in inches. This will help you avoid the prevailing disease triad of chronic inflammation, carbohydrate intolerance, and insulin resistance. First step to health: Ditch refined carbohydrates (sugars, flour/bread products, sweetened beverages) for two weeks per Maffetone’s “2-week test.” Then you can reintroduce natural carbohydrates back in (fruit, sweet potatoes, etc.) and see what you can tolerate without adverse symptoms. For many people with insulin resistance and decades of junk food consumption, keto might be warranted. Check out Dr. Phil’s great articles and products at



We want to personalize our journey of life in a way that we continually build our health and fitness.  [00:02:50]

There are two ways that our brains work.  1. Instant gratification. 2. We think in an analytical way.  [00:07:35] 

Many writings are: “Here’s how to do it.” Sometimes it makes things worse. [00:12:11] 

Companies are allowed to convince us to be unhealthy. Pubic health education needs to help. [00:14:24] 

Sometimes a person has to experience pain for them to start to listen to advice.  [00:16:11] 

There needs to be a consensus about refined vegetable oils and their impact on public health. It’s about the money. [00:20:07] 

What should a well intentioned person do about making decisions about eggs, for example? Or training styles? [00:24:04] 

People are often willing to latch on to tradition and emotion when making their decisions. [00:28:22] 

The problem is it is difficult for us to see if the advise we are getting is effective. Doctors tend to treat the diagnosis and forget there is a person there. [00:30:33] 

There is so much information out there, that people are overwhelmed and confused. The stress factor plays a huge role. [00:36:49] 

What are the causes of chronic illnesses?  [00:42:44] 

Chronic inflammation, carbohydrate intolerance, and insulin resistance causing people to be overfat. (85% of Indian adults are overfat.) [00:46:00] 

Measure your waist and hope that is is less half the height of your body. If it is not, then you are overfat.  [00:49:00] 

If we want to turn things around, what can we do to attack this problem? Get rid of refined sugar and carbohydrates. [00:55:17] 

One thing you may notice is that our brains work better, therefore our instincts and tuition are working better. [01:03:31] 




Is your waist less than half of your height?


We buy the sizzle, not the steak.


You can be normal weight and not obese and still have excess body fat.

Check out this episode!

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