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Dave Reed from the UK has been really working with the book since January and has adopted primal diet, MAF training and now is fat adapted.  He has been racing but finds his performance has dipped.  Would going MAF since January have caused a dip in my performance with the increased benefit being seen after a long period on this training or could it be some other factor? [00:01:16] 

Dave also inquires about MSP (maximum sustained power) training with the 4-3-2-2-1 (reps) format described in the book. This is a format that can vary among individuals who are working toward building with those high-quality sets.  [00:06:00] 

Kenny is a slow but committed triathlete and asks about drinking carbonated water. Is it okay? Also, why does he have trouble losing weight? [00:17:00] 

Brian is asking: Why does my MAF time improve so much faster on a bike than when I’m running? [00:20:18] 

A second question is how to respond to the folks who still think one should use carbs for high performance. [00:22:34]

Shannon has many questions about counting macronutrients.  There is no fat minimum. She is worried about going overboard on carbs. [00:32:19] 

Shannon is also asking about how to manage cravings and appetite. [00:39:47] 



  • An athlete who eats a low-carb/high-fat diet can, indeed, alter the metabolic fuel source they use during exercise and recovery in a different manner than previously believed possible and perform in a different manner than previously believed possible.
  • When you are counting macronutrients, there is NO fat minimum.
  • More protein consumption doesn’t always mean more muscle mass.
  • Sugar cravings in the evening are a sign that your ego is deflated! (Chris Kelly)


Brownlee Brothers: These well-known triathletes went viral when the one brother carried an ailing brother over the finish line at the World Triathlete Championships in Mexico. Brad mentions their diet is questionable.

FASTER Study: This study out of the University of Connecticut was aimed at discovering the role diet plays in how our bodies metabolize fat vs. carbohydrate during exercise.

Johnny G: This South African, a fitness visionary, created the Spinning movement. He also road in the Race Across America

Andre Obradiovic: He is one of the country’s leading coaches. Listen to Brad’s postcast with him: “Don’t Be A Muppet, Be a Powerful Fat-Burning Beast”

RAAM: The world’s toughest bicycle race.  Next one is June 2019!!

Lindsay Taylor: Listen to her podcast with Nourish Balance Thrive discussing brain training for the primal Keto endurance athlete.

Luis Villasenor: Everything you want to know bout the ketogenic diet is here.

Simon Whitfield: Look at his YouTube of the exciting finish in Olympic Gold Medal Race


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