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Brad talks about an assortment of interesting concepts, including: Fasting (and not exercising at all) to beat out a cold. The nuance of the “S” pattern in the swim stroke and, while technically accurate, might mess up yo’ head like a technical golf swing tip. The difference between improving your MAF performance time versus improving your MAF endurance (not slowing down as much over the course of the test); being chill about your MAF number and setting beeper 5 beats below MAF to take corrective action before you exceed; Doing a 180 mi ride after a 24 hour fast and consuming no food calories for 18 hours of the ride. And the critical difference between the popular training concept of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and the evolved strategy of HIRT (high-intensity repeat training). Brad was first exposed to this concept by noted MMA trainer Joel Jamieson and it has greatly improved his performance and recovery from sprint workouts. HIIT = extra stress, fatigue and recovery time. HIRT = high-quality performance and less stress cost. Listen to the show and you might get some fantastic tips to optimize your training, particularly with the high-intensity stuff endurance athletes often mess up. 

What are we learning about recovery and general fitness, training, and diet? [00:02:55] 

From Paris comes this question: How is the best way to attack a cold? [00:11:51] 

Should we change our MAF heart rate every year? Honoring the MAF heart rate is extremely important. [00:17:15] 

How many miles do we need to do accurate measuring the MAF test? [00:19:58] 

David asks about the “S” strokes while swimming. David talks about his success when adapting to Keto/primal way of eating. [00:23:12]  

After training in a fasted state, is there any difference in fat adaptation in burning body fat vs. dietary fat? [00:29:03] 

Carl, a Norwegian living in the Middle East, says as I am relaxing my training I am putting a lower heart rate in thereby working to build the aerobic system. [00:32:07] 

Josh is an amateur bicycler is wondering about high intensity workouts or is it better to stick with mostly aerobic endurance training? (HIT and HIRT training) (high intensity and high intensity repeat training) [00:34:24] 

Zach from Arkansas is asking about his glucose readings.  If glucose is high, it indicates that the fight or flight response has been triggered. [00:45:17] 



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