Interval Show #9: Primal Eating Step 2

Primal Eating Step 2: Commit to Primal Foods

The Primal Endurance podcast Interval shows are published in between our full-length feature episodes published on Fridays. For the Interval episodes, podcast host Brad Kearns discusses various elements of the Primal Endurance approach, pulling from topics in the book/digital course and adding some candid and fresh insights. The Interval shows will keep you focused and purposeful with all of your workouts and lifestyle decisions.

Make a sincere commitment to ditch offensive, nutrient devoid foods for three weeks and replace this junk with your favorite choices from the primal-approved lineup of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds—and modern additions like high fat dairy and dark chocolate. 

This effectively results in a higher fat, lower carb diet than the Standard American Diet. Beware the slippery slope that is carb addiction (sugar and wheat have powerful addictive properties akin to opiates)—satisfy yourself with nutrient dense, high fat meals and snacks so you don’t struggle or suffer.

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