Interval Show #6: Olympic Bronze Medalist Nick Willis’s “Simply Running” Approach

The Primal Endurance podcast Interval shows are published in between our full-length feature episodes published on Fridays. For the Interval episodes, podcast host Brad Kearns discusses various elements of the Primal Endurance approach, pulling from topics in the book/digital course and adding some candid and fresh insights. The Interval shows will keep you focused and purposeful with all of your workouts and lifestyle decisions.

The incredibly simple, sensible, stress-free approach to training detailed by 2016 Olympic bronze medalist (and 2008 Olympic silver medalist) Nick Willis of New Zealand. Nick has had an amazing career as a miler, and at 34 he became the oldest 1500m medalist in Olympic history. Nick decided that in order to extend his career and enjoy a healthy, balanced life, including appreciating family time, furthering his education, and enjoying hobbies like Speedgolf (Nick is a top-10 level Speedgolf pro), he streamlined his training approach to spend less time/fewer miles to stay fresh, and to trade out stuff he didn’t enjoy (lengthy gym strength training sessions) for stuff that was more time efficient (a few minutes of sprints and plyos at the end of workouts). Nick only runs once a day and takes a day off each week, but he is one of the fastest milers in history. Take inspiration from Nick’s example as he shatters the stereotype of the Olympic runner being an imbalanced cyborg robot training machine.

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