Interval Show #22: Personal Keto Experiment, Part 2

Brad Kearns joins Foreigner on stage for a bit of Cold as Ice, then talks about his typical daily eating patterns during his nutritional keto journey: Fasting in the morning until experiencing feelings of true hunger; using an assortment of ketone supplements – especially before workouts (these products are the real deal, and deliver drug-level anti-inflammatory benefits); enjoying nutrient-dense dietary centerpieces of eggs, nuts, quality meats, and abundant servings of a variety of vegetables; snacking on 85% dark chocolate and coconut butter. Brad advocates a casual approach where you see how things go each day. Use your intuition to guide your eating decisions, but make a commitment to log many hours of fasting or keto aligned meals in order to experience the profound health, immune function, fat loss, cognitive performance, athletic performance and recovery, and disease protection benefits of being fat- and keto-adapted. 

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