Interval Show #2: Struggle And Suffer

The Primal Endurance podcast Interval shows are published in between our full-length feature episodes published on Fridays. For the Interval episodes, podcast host Brad Kearns discusses various elements of the Primal Endurance approach, pulling from topics in the book/digital course and adding some candid and fresh insights. The Interval shows will keep you focused and purposeful with all of your workouts and lifestyle decisions.

The flawed conventional approach comes with a “struggle and suffer” mindset. Sub-4 minute mile legend Sir Roger Bannister said “struggle gives meaning and richness to life,” but we need to clarify the meaning to understand that the struggle to push your athletic boundaries and achieve peak performance should be framed in a sensible, balanced approach that moderates stress and contributes to your overall health and well-being. The regimented, compulsive approach brings a much higher risk of breakdown and burnout. Cultivate an intuitive, inconsistent, spontaneous approach to training where you take what your body gives you each day and nothing more.

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