Interval Show #17: More On Ketogenic Eating

Host Brad Kearns nears the end of the long series of interval shows on diet, with discussion about going keto in this show and the next. In particular, this show covers the importance of doing the proper groundwork to prepare for a successful foray into nutritional ketosis, and understanding (per Dr. Dom D’Agostino) that you really should commit to 6 weeks minimum of strict adherence to nutritional ketosis guidelines. It takes that long for the benefits to really kick in and your muscles to stop competing with your brain for ketones when glucose is restricted. To do it right, you must limit carb intake to 50 gross grams per day, and also make sure to limit protein intake to the minimum necessary to ensure lean muscle mass maintenance and no more. This can be as low as 0.5 grams per pound of lean mass up to 0.8 grams per pound of lean mass – not much. 

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