Interval Show #15: Benefits of Going Keto

Ketone burning has assorted health and performance benefits, including drug-like anti-inflammatory properties and neuro-protective benefits. As a clean burning fuel (less oxidative stress than dirty burning glucose) it’s especially helpful to the brain. When your brain gets more oxygen and better neurotransmitter function during exercise, workouts seem easier and you consequently recover faster, as validated by the Central Governor Theory, which proposes that the brain is the ultimate governor of physical performance, not the peripheral muscles.

Some of the laboratory results from keto endurance pioneers are nothing short of astonishing. Peter Attia went from burning 95% glucose and 5% fat at “all day pace” to 22% glucose and 78% after a dietary adaptation period. Ironman triathlete Sami Inkinen took his “time to bonk” value from 5 hours up to 86 hours after keto-adapting his diet. Athletes in the FASTER study burned twice as much fat per minute as was previously believed to be the human limit. WOW! Try it for yourself but give it six weeks, and get more tips in the next Interval show.

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