Interval Show #14: Ketogenic Eating Strategy

Fine-tuning Fat Adaption to Prepare for a Keto Experiment 

On the heels of the numerous Interval shows on transitioning to Primal-style eating, host Brad Kearns discusses practical steps you can take to try a ketogenic eating period and experience the wide-ranging benefits. 

First, explore the edges of your fat adaptation abilities by delaying your first morning meals until WHEN – When Hunger Ensues Naturally. Next, try some fasted workouts to further your progress quickly. Remember, there is no reason to struggle or suffer like dieters do. Fat adaptation will happen naturally if you cultivate intuitive appetite strategies. To get going into keto, adhere to a dietary pattern of 50 grams of carbs per day or less, and don’t overdo protein either. Consider trying the new exogenous ketone supplements like Kegenix, KetoCaNa, Pruvit, Ketopia, InstaKetones, etc.  These supplements can be especially effective when used in the morning to kick-start ketone burning and help you fast, or before workouts as a clean burning energy source, or when you have energy lulls that might prompt sugar cravings. 

We talk about the best way to test for ketones (portable blood meter; forget about the urine strips) and the fact that sometimes highly fat-adapted athletes can deliver low readings because they are using the ketones they produce and because they don’t need that many. 

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