Interval Show #13: Ketogenic Endurance Training

The Primal Endurance podcast Interval shows are published in between our full-length feature episodes published on Fridays. For the Interval episodes, podcast host Brad Kearns discusses various elements of the Primal Endurance approach, pulling from topics in the book/digital course and adding some candid and fresh insights. The Interval shows will keep you focused and purposeful with all of your workouts and lifestyle decisions.

Become bonk proof when you get your carb intake down low enough (50g/day or less) to produce ketones in place of glucose for your metabolic needs. Listen to the amazing laboratory validated exploits of Sami Inkinen (time to bonk improved from 5 hours to 86 hours!) and Peter Attia (went from burning 95% glucose and 5% fat at “all day pace”, to 22% glucose/78% fat after ketogenic eating experiment). Regale at the tale of Speedgolf world champion Rob Hogan violently recalibrated his appetite hormones thru not refueling during nor after a succession of depleting workouts to the extent that he crosses over to the dark side and became fat- and keto-adapted for ever more. And appreciate how Malibu yoga master and endurance machine Ted McDonald conquered the Inca trail with glucose in his fanny pack for psychological security, but not needing it due to radical fat adaptation. 

Enjoy this show about the cutting edge of fat and keto-adaptation, and be sure to go back and listen to each one to get fully enrolled in the Primal eating strategy. 

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