Interval Show #12: Dropping Excess Body Fat

The Primal Endurance podcast Interval shows are published in between our full-length feature episodes published on Fridays. For the Interval episodes, podcast host Brad Kearns discusses various elements of the Primal Endurance approach, pulling from topics in the book/digital course and adding some candid and fresh insights. The Interval shows will keep you focused and purposeful with all of your workouts and lifestyle decisions.

How fat adapted are you? Well, try skipping breakfast and waiting till you are actually hungry. Then try fasted workouts – can you run 4 miles in the morning without food? or 8 miles? Or bike 25 or 50 miles? You can also get a glucometer and check fasting blood sugar with a simple prick of your finger – check it before and after a workout to see if you can stabilize.

In contrast, if you are stuck in carb dependency, your mood, appetite, energy level and performance fluctuate according to your meal habits. Don’t forget your body’s hard-wired genetic mechanism to avoid depletion and exhaustion, and consequently overeating. Watch out for commercial energy bars which are almost all high carbs. Don’t even get me started on the hassles of trying to slam down carbs during sustained endurance performance – 60% of Hawaii ironman people have stomach distress. 

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