Dude Spellings, Part 2

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Brad continues a lively conversation with Dude Spellings of Austin, TX. Dude describes how he overcame his frustration with his “slow” MAF training and allowed himself to build a strong aerobic base. Oh yeah, he also lost another 25 pounds to get down to lean, mean racing weight decades after being a hotshot young runner. Brad and Dude expound on the benefits and rationale for emphasizing aerobic training. Dude offers a great insight about measuring your aerobic output by time instead of by mileage. Top marathoners run 120 miles per week, but they are only out there for 10 hours, you know? Dude and Brad will get you psyched to delve into the wonderful world of cold therapy, and Dude exclaims that his cold exposure practice has made him a more chill guy in real life. He offers scientific references to mention that excess body fat might be a function of not just diet, but constant exposure to pleasant ambient temperatures, and excess blue light exposure messing with your appetite hormones. You’ll be ready to take your first cold shower after listening to Dude and Brad!

In training for competing, we used to think that you had to produce as much work as possible without thinking of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. [00:01:55] 

Think about this: What is the highest purpose for being out that working out? . [00:04:30] 

By training with the MAF method, the performance can escalate without risking burnout. [00:09:22] 

The amount of time you are putting in is more important than the amount of miles. [00:11:01] 

Cold therapy is the natural way to go. After the initial shock of the water, you get the flood of chemicals that give you high. [00:14:08] 

The mental benefits of exposure to the cold are many. You can learn to take control over your life rather than being reactive. [00:22:00] 

Exposure to artificial light is common in our society.  This messes up our sleep cycle and the mitochondrial function. [00:23:48] 

Public consciousness is dragging behind. When the sun goes down, our body thinks it is to go to sleep, however, we expose ourselves to artificial light which is a contributing factor to obesity. [00:30:03] 

The unnatural light is why the ketogenic diet works for most people. [00:32:21] 

Playing speed golf opened Dude up to getting good fitness and nutrition goals in place. [00:33:26] 

It is an important element in life to have competitive goals. [00:37:42] 



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“If you run 100 miles a week at 10 miles per hour, that’s only 10 hours per week!”


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