Dude Spellings, Part 1

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Brad Kearns talks to a big-time peak performance enthusiast from Austin, TX named Dude Spellings. Dude is an avid Speedgolfer, primal/paleo/keto eater, cold therapy enthusiast, and endurance athlete devoted to the Primal Endurance approach. He is deep into the primal living journey and a student of all latest health topics and you will enjoy this two-part episode chock full of great tips from a real guy doing his best to balance a busy life, delay aging, and pursue peak performance goals. Dude was a high school running champion who let himself get overweight and out of shape. He returned to fitness with a traditional chronic approach and hit a plateau. He had lost 20 pounds but had 25 more to go. Part 1 starts with the compelling account of how Dude threw his back out six years ago and vowed to “not be that guy” in the years ahead. He was doing okay with health and fitness goals but realized he could be much better. He was suffering from an annoying recurring skin condition that wasn’t responding to medical treatment but cleared when he optimized his diet. Pick up some good tips and reflections to be the best you can be from Dude, and stay tuned for part 2!




When he wanted to lose weight he tried the “old-fashioned way” using My Fitness Pal, counting calories. [00:03:28] 

Dude’s back injury was a turning point for him. [00:07:05] 

He realized that cutting calories too much kills the weight loss! [00:11:59] 

He still believed that carbohydrate intake was needed for exercise. [00:13:56] 

It is estimated that 40 percent of the calories that you get in a restaurant are from the refined seed oils that are so bad for you. [00:14:52] 

A good starting point is to get in the habit of reading labels. You’d be surprised what you are eating even when you are trying to eat healthy!! [00:16:28] 

Some people find that their allergies, skin diseases, and other maladies disappear after they drop grains from their diet.  [00:21:32] 

The elephant in the room in the endurance community is the excess body fat. [00:28:14] 

The Maffetone’s training was Dude’s motivation for his great success. [00:31:22] 

Meal choices are part of your training. [00:35:22] 

The way he was training before was keeping him constantly sore with muscle tension.  [00:36:38] 


Dr. Peter Attia: Brad’s podcast with Peter covers longevity diet, and finding the drive.

Wheat Belly: Book on the grain-free lifestyle without sacrificing nutrition, variety or taste.

Dr. Phil Maffetone:  He says “Everyone is an athlete.”

Dr. Cate Shanahan: Podcast with Brad on why vegetable oils are toxic.


  • You have to get these toxic foods out of your system.
  • The elephant in the room in the endurance community is the excess body fat.
  • Meal choices are part of your training.

Check out this episode!

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