Dave Scott (Rebroadcast): Evolution Of Fat-Adapted Training And Avoiding The “Kinda Hard” Black Hole

In this rebroadcast episode I catch up with the legendary Dave Scott, 6-time Hawaii Ironman world champion and respected coach of both elite professional and amateur multisport enthusiasts.

Dave brings his knowledge of the science of nutrition and exercise physiology to give you incredible insights into cutting-edge science and the competitive mindset of a champion athlete. You’ll hear Dave describe his transition from being a major high-carb pioneer back in the 80’s to his current support of primal/paleo/ketogenic eating patterns. You will learn about the science behind keto and the protective health and heart benefits the keto diet offers that can help with potential damage caused by strenuous training. Dave also gives his opinion on the “intensity vs. volume” debate by describing why it’s such a mistake to go “kinda hard” on a regular basis and how this puts your health at serious risk.

Dave also shares his unique methods of introducing an assortment of distinct interval patterns that help to cleanse your cardiovascular system, which protects it from damage caused by excessive, “ kinda hard” endurance workouts, as well as why he advocates strength training year-round for endurance athletes.


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