Andre Obradovic: “Life is too Short to Suffer”

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Brad welcomes back popular Australian guest Andre Obradovic to go off script and talk about real-life matters not related to workout strategy, but of critical importance to your happiness and effectiveness as a parent, partner or career person. If you caught Andre’s previous shows, you will love his colorful, hard-hitting commentary about what it takes to succeed as an endurance athlete and his important call for “no muppets” (blind followers who can’t think for themselves). In this show, Brad and Andre, both age 53 as it happens, reflect on their journey as fathers of kids who are now adult age and offer some choice feedback for young dads trying to balance raising kids with intense athletic and career goals. Yes, this show takes an important and memorable detour from the constant talk about training. You will love Andre’s insightful commentary in fresh Aussie spirit. An important show to reflect upon, especially for young dads trying to do it all. 



These two experienced athletes and fathers talk about how to balance their lives. [00:00:16] 

What impact does our behavior as parents affect the children? [00:02:33]  

We can look back and see a culture without today’s technology and yet we were still too busy to learn to relax.  [00:08:23] 

The parent needs to set the example of healthy eating, more sleep, healthier lifestyle. [00:15:15] 

What are some tips on how to teach your kids or partners to make healthier choices? [00:19:03] 

As you get older, how should you set your goals?  [00:21:18] 

Are the helicopter parents pushing too hard? [00:23:44] 

Think about how you are teaching your children about money. [00:27:55] 

It’s a high priority to help your children learn to make healthy meals. [00:38:25] 

Stress at home can disrupt your performance at work and training.  Pay attention to family. [00:41:34] 


Andre Obaradovic


Life’s too short to suffer.

If you were to die tomorrow, how would you want your kids to remember you? To talk about you?

Check out this episode!

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