Achieving His Goal In Half The Training Time

Last year, I ran the Spartan Beast race in Lake Tahoe and completely bonked. I was a total sugar burner and had to continuously pop gut-wrenching energy gels just to make it to the finish line. I came in at a very disappointing 71st in my age group in the Open heat. This year, after implementing the Primal Endurance principles, I placed a very respectable 34th in my age group in the Competitive heat of the Spartan Beast race in Lake Tahoe. I was also a part of a smaller percentage of people to finish the race in under 5 hours. I effectively improved my time by over an hour!

By becoming better adapted at burning fat, I was able to complete the race on just water and one nutbutter packet. Best of all, I achieved this goal in roughly half the training time! After last year’s race, I was so exhausted and fatigued by an overtraining pattern that I seriously thought about quitting. However, after this year’s race, I feel mentally and physically stronger and I’m already looking forward to training for my next event (after taking a couple weeks off to enjoy life, of course). Thank you Primal Endurance!

Michael Yebba

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