#93: Lindsay Taylor, Part 2

Host Brad Kearns welcomes back Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D., for part two of their meeting together. Enjoy today’s show as they discuss many common questions among endurance athletes, such as, how to maximize training without being too stressed, the importance of genetics, and how to achieve the best time.


Does all the new technology out there really help our performance? [00:01:58] 

How can one maximize training without being too stressed? [00:04:18] 

Is it necessary to struggle and suffer to become a good athlete? [00:09:14] 

Does living in this modern time bring us more information, more expectations, more pressure to perform and keep up with others? [00:13:35] 

What if others have more than I do or do better than I do? How would that change things? [00:19:16] 

How important are genetics? Is this all I can give?  [00:24:23] 

How is the best way to go forward and have the best time? How do I know when it’s too much? [00:29:42] 




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