#92: Lindsay Taylor, Part 1

Host Brad Kearns welcomes back Primal Blueprint Publishing’s own Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D. to discuss the controversy surrounding aerobic heart rate, how to compete in races when we’ve been training so slowly, and whether we should ever incorporate cross-over point workouts into our regimen.

What is the controversy about aerobic heart rate? What does aerobic threshold mean? [00:02:22]

What does it mean “cross-over point?” [00:08:32] 

How are we going to compete in races when we have been training so slowly? [00:22:02] 

So what about anaerobic training? [00:25:16] 

Should we never do cross-over point workouts? [00:29:42] 

When is it time to go hard?  What is the best thing to do? [00:30:12] 

How important is scheduling? [00:33:16] 

Summarizing: Fat max vs. crossover point [00:38:35] 

If the crossover point occurs at a higher heart rate it is good. [00:38:58] 

We are not recommending high intensity workouts every day. [00:39:12] 

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