#91: Listener Q&A

Host Brad Kearns goes back to the mailbag with some great Q&A submissions. Can I do strength training during the aerobic base building phase? What if my endurance goals are not competitive, but rather to have fun and get some thrills on a mountain bike (even if this means elevated heart rates?)? How do you reconcile the Primal Blueprint fitness approach of move frequently, lift heavy things, and sprint, with the Primal Endurance approach of periodization?

Brian asks how to tell if chronic cardio problems are due to diet or exercise? [00:00:28] 

If I go a long time without doing the strength work while I am training for high intensity, won’t I lose some of my strength? [00:06:25] 

Can I train exclusively Maff plus strength training and count my races for anaerobic training? [00:16:03] 

Can you mix anaerobic with aerobic in the same session? [00:23:24] 

Are longer single aerobic sessions more effective than the same volume of multiple workouts in a week? [00:23:23] 

I’ve been using the Maff method of aerobic heart rate monitoring and was wondering when I should alter the “180 minus your age” as I get older. [00:25:32] 

From Blake: I want to balance health and fun in getting in as much mountain biking as possible which would mean I am going over my aerobic heart rate. What do you think? [00:27:26]

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