#89: Andrew MacNaughton Q&A

Host Brad Kearns welcomes Andrew to the hot seat as they tackle more Q&A sessions. Topics include: how quickly one can improve when slowing way down to stay aerobic, using perceived exertion in anaerobic type races like mountain biking, how to best consume calories during sustained workouts (including fine-tuning fat adaptation by consuming minimal amounts) and how the “cheat day” mentality is totally ridiculous.


42 year old firefighter asks about how much improvement should he expect in months or a year after I have switched to the slower method of training? And what about the pace in an upcoming race? [00:00:53] 

As a firefighter, I am obligated to stay strong in the gym lifting weights. How will affect my racing? [00:05:51] 

The next question is about training partners who keep a faster pace. At what point do I know to shift my focus to a more intense workout? [00:06:51] 

A mountain bike racer is asking will the fat adapted approach still provide enough glycogen for all the anaerobic work? [00:08:19] 

Do I keep the commitment to aerobic as I enter the racing season? [00:12:27] 

Will a No Sugar Branched-Chain Amino Acid drink mess with my attempt to stay fat adapted? [00:14:54] 

Should I eat to build volume during the base building period? [00:15:54] 

How much is too much when we are talking about training at these aerobic heart rates? Should I use HRV to per iodize my schedule? [00:16:56] 

How should I use these starch products and high quality carb sources for fueling during training and racing? [00:22:28] 

What about cardiac drift that comes when you get really fatigued? [00:33:28] 

How long a drift above maximum aerobic heart rate does it take to negate the training session? [00:36:12]

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