#83: Ryan Hurst, GMB Fitness Co-Founder and Head Coach

Ryan Hurst is the co-founder and action man behind the wildly popular GMB Fitness. A former martial artist and longtime resident of Japan, Ryan brings a gentle, evolved approach to fitness that is beautifully evident in this fascinating interview. Ryan shares how training strategies he developed through decades of competitive gymnastics and martial arts can help anyone not only reach their goals faster, but also prevent injuries and improve their performance in any activity—from powerlifting to endurance sports. Ask your body what it has to deliver each day and don’t push beyond what you are capable of that day–patience and discipline will get you from wound tight to doing the splits in only a year.

In sharp contrast to a “get-shredded-at-all-costs” message that dominates much of the fitness world, the GMB method appeals to a broad audience of people who want to overcome the challenges of getting older, expand their mobility and prevent injury, and experience physical autonomy and freedom in their daily lives. Check out GMB’s free bodyweight exercise circuit to find out more about the featured ‘assessments’ in the interview –  like the Bear, Monkey, and Frogger. The interview concludes on some fun, interesting tangents like the cultural differences between USA and Japan. In conclusion, Ryan reminds us to move more each day, do little things to improve health, and strive to improve a bit each day instead of be a hero and crush occasional brutal workouts.”


What is GMB Fitness and how did it get started? [00:01:01] 

How can people get help from you for improving what they can get from their bodies? [00:04:28] 

What are some fundamentals you start with for the regular guy who wants to stay fit? [00:09:07] 

Ryan is describing some of the things a person finds when starting the program?  [00:13:24] 

How is this program connected with gymnastics? [00:17:09] 

How does the Western cultural attitude about aging differ from Japanese? [00:23:45] 

If you can improve a little bit every day, you will have success and enjoy it on the way. [00:28:18] 

What kind of feedback has he received from his students about his program? [00:32:17] 


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