#82: Lindsay Taylor, Part 1

Lindsay Taylor – Psychology of the Endurance Athlete

Host Brad Kearns welcomes back Primal Blueprint Publishing’s own Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D. to discuss big picture items like trusting the process and cultivating an intuitive approach. Lindsay has fielded many questions from listeners/readers lately on social media, and “how do I know {slowing down} is working?” is a prominent one. Do you feel better and have an overall higher enjoyment of life? Then it’s working!

Lindsay explains that you should cost/benefit analyze every workout and mindfully recommit to your long term goals. This will help you couter the forces of peer pressure and the flawed prevailing approach that promotes chronic exercise patterns. 

The conversation continues into the hot topic of ketogenic endurance training. There may be some misinterpretations and hype out there due to the sudden popularity, so the best approach is to conduct a personal experiment (n=1) to see how you respond to dietary modification. When it comes to balancing the instant gratification goal of being happy with long-term lifestyle goals like goal races or weight loss, realize the fulfillment—having a purposeful and meaningful life—is more rewarding than the pursuit of fleeting happiness. It requires sacrifice to achieve great things and you can’t expect to always be happy. Enjoy this thoughtful program with Lindsay and send your own questions to primalblueprint.com/endurance


Why is it that so few people really trust the premise that if one can slow down in training it will help them go faster? [00:01:04] 

Why do so many focus on heart rates, distances, times…looking for numbers rather than: “How do I feel?”[00:02:46]

How do I know I am making the right decision today regarding my training schedule? [00:06:26] 

What is the rationale behind this type of approach of slowing down? [00:11:45] 

Why are people so fearful of trying ketosis and the primal/paleo lifestyle? [00:13:44] 

How hard is it to make new choices when making the commitment to change? Will it make me happy? [00:27:04] 

How can one maintain a positive outlook when these changes are so difficult? [00:32:55] 

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