#77: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Endurance Athletes, Part 2

Host Brad Kearns covers the final four habits, picking up from the part 1 show of the first 3 habits as follows: 

4.         Aerobic Emphasis: Endurance success is primarily dependent on aerobic efficiency. Aerobic base building delivers by far your best return on investment, and is best achieved by strictly limiting heart rate to aerobic max or lower during defined aerobic workouts and training periods. Stay out of the black hole, and don’t venture into high-intensity training blocks before you have a strong base.

5.         Intensity Structure: Intensity can deliver exceptional results for endurance athletes, when a strong base is present, when workouts are brief in duration and really intense, when they are conducted only when you are highly motivated and energized, and during defined periods that are short in duration and always followed by a rest period and preceded by an aerobic period.

6.         Complementary practices: Increased general daily movement, spontaneous, unstructured play sessions, mobility work such as technique drills and dynamic stretching, movement practices like yoga and Pilates, and high-intensity strength training are essential for success, because we live sedentary lives of extreme physical ease. 

7.         Periodization: An annual program always commences with an aerobic base period (minimum eight weeks). With success, high-intensity periods can follow, with a maximum duration of four weeks. Intensity periods are followed by micro periods of rest, followed by aerobic, followed by a return to intensity/ competition. The annual program always ends with an extended rest period or off-season, followed by a new macro aerobic base period to commence a new annual program. 

What does it mean to say “aerobic emphasis?” [00:00:50] 

What does “structured intensity” mean? [00:05:09] 

Complimentary practices are essential to our success.  [00:12:51] 

What is periodization? [00:17:31]

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