#75: Listener Q&A

Brad Kearns tackles more interesting Q&A from Primal Endurance podcast listeners and book readers. Submit your questions at www.primalblueprint.com/endurance and they will get covered on the air. Some recurring themes are coming through with many questioners. In particular, the questioning how “180-age” aerobic maximum heart rate limit applies to real-life goals and the desire to open up the throttle now and then and get race ready. While the questions relate to the specific needs of the individual, the answers are presented in a manner that applies to a broad audience. Listen and enjoy learning about the challenges and successes of your endurance peers, and come away with plenty of practical tips to help improve your training and competitive results.


What is the Primal Endurance audio book? [00:00:55] 

When a person is training for a half marathon on a hilly course should they do any specific hill work? [00:02:50] 

How does one acclimate to race conditions in a climate or time zone other than what we are used to? [00:06:16] 

How does one deal with anxiety when skipping a meal or mental fatigue while they are adapting to the primal lifestyle? [00:12:50] 

What kind of nutrition do I need for a high altitude race when I am really low carb normally? [00:21:10] 

This man experienced major burnout at age 25 and is now embracing primal. He still has long-term carb cravings. What can he do about monitoring the maximum heart rate? [00:25:52] 

When the HRV 56, it this too low. How should we try to increase this? [00:32:39] 

When trying to get into running, it seems to wreck my HRV even though I am training below aerobic. Should I not run? [00:35:13] 

In my recovery from burnout, what should I do in my training to build my fitness back? [00:35:54]

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