#73: Ironman Jordan Rapp and Andrew MacNaughton, Part 1

Host Brad Kearns travels to the SoCal training hamlet of Newbury Park to talk with triathlon legend and frequent podcast guest Andrew and leading Ironman athlete and techie whiz Jordan Rapp. Jordan talks about his 2016 season, including his Ironman qualifier win and his experience racing with the elites in Kona. The trio talk about how technology has shaped the sport, and the assorted training approaches of elite athletes – commonalities and differences.


What is going with the racing records these days? [00:01:19] 

How did it go for Jordan Rapp recently? [00:07:55] 

How does one learn to get to be an accomplished athlete and not make mistakes in training? [00:09:42] 

How did Jordan decide to train for Kona? [00:14:05] 

Do some people take breaks during a race? [00:17:58] 

What is the stupidest thing anyone did as a pro and what do they learn from those experiences? [00:21:56]  

Are most of the pros from a swimming background? [00:27:11] 

Should the women pros get prize money equivalent to the men’s purses [00:29:54] 

What are the benefits of training at less than 100 percent effort? [00:35:07] 

What about running at an all-out pace once in a while, like in a marathon [00:38:45] 

How many races can one do in the season and still get the proper rest? [00:44:32] 


Jordan Rapp

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