#68: Debbie Potts

Host Brad Kearns talks to WHOLE Athlete Podcast hostess Debbie Potts—author, personal trainer and 6-time Hawaii Ironman finisher. Debbie relates her story of suffering from sudden and severe adrenal burnout while racing at the peak of her career, and her awakening and recalibrating toward health with her WHOLEistic Method.

For you type-A athletes who are accustomed to burning the candle at both ends, this is a very important podcast to listen and reflect upon. Debbie was a knowledgeable and carefully trained athlete, a super healthy Paleo-style eater, and an inspiration to her personal clients and training partners. Out of nowhere her health fell apart, upon reflection a logical consequence of simply doing more than her body could handle – even though she felt energized and empowered during her journey. It was a journey featuring 15 ironmans in 11 years, with busy days starting at 4:30 AM running her own studio and training clients. Then suddenly, all that was precious to her was taken away and she plunged into serious health dysfunction. Enjoy the show from Debbie’s home in Bellevue, Washington, and check out her WHOLE Athlete podcast too.

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