#32: Nell Stephenson

Host Brad Kearns talks with Los Angeles-based author, diet coach and Ironman triathlete Nell Stephenson. Nell, the author of Paleoista, is on the cutting edge of fat adapted endurance training. She details her gradual transition from carb-dependent endurance athlete to being fully fat adapted. She started by ditching gluten, ditching other grains, then trying to exercise while fasted. She gradually extended her abilities here, but still relied on gels to fuel extended workouts and races. The final breakthrough came for Nell when she bested the field at 70.3 triathlons in Honu, Hawaii and Vineman, California while fasted beforehand and consuming minimal calories during. A ketone burning beast on the podium. Nell is a wealth of knowledge about nutritional coaching and details the services she offers to clients to help them improve health, reduce inflammation and perform better with endurance goals.

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