#30: Brad Kearns and Brock Armstrong

The dynamic duo of Brad and Brock do another “all host, no guest” format for this show. They tee up the exciting topic of low carb endurance training, and how to transition away from the carb dependency paradigm that frames the conventional approach to endurance training. Brock and Brad describe the numerous health, body composition, and performance benefits that come to athletes eating a more nutritious diet and ditching the toxic refined carbs (and high polyunsaturated vegetable oils) that damage the health of even the fittest endurance machines.

Carb dependency is a two-fold problem: First, chronic training patterns causing frequent depletion and consequent disturbance in appetite and fat storage hormones. Second, consuming too many processed carbs causes insulin spikes, fat storage patterns, and cravings for more carbs. In determining the optimal amount of carbs, the first question to ask is: do you have excess body fat or not? The primal approach never discounts the importance of recovering from training (and choosing the most nutritious carbs for this purpose), but is an attractive solution to finally, once and for all, solving that puzzle of carrying excess body fat despite a big devotion to endurance training.

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