#24: Brad Kearns and Brock Armstrong

Host Brad Kearns catches up with Host Brock Armstrong — that’s right, the main hosts catch up with each other and hit it hard on an assortment of interesting topics. They debate the pros and cons of various coaching models, stressing the importance of having a wide-ranging personal relationship with athletes to help training sync with other life variables. Brock FIRES clients who refuse to take time off!

The pair gets into one of their favorite subjects, Heart Rate Variability, referencing the Primal Endurance Podcast episode 6 with Sweetbeat Life CEO Ronda Collier. They talk about how monitoring HRV and basing training decisions off of variation from baseline values brings a critical objective element to the challenge of making smart training decisions. For example, when you are running on fight or flight chemicals, it’s hard to tell if you are actually stressed because the hectic pace of modern life is so familiar that it seems normal to the brain. Get to know your Primal Endurance Podcast hosts Brad and Brock through this lively and informative show!

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