#19: Tyler Curley

Host Brad Kearns talks to old friend Tyler Curley, one of the famous caveman Curley twins who have had a legendary role at PrimalCon over the years. Tyler is a huge devotee of primal living and has pushed the edges of peak performance in ultra distance running, CrossFit, and power lifting. Tyler offers some interesting commentary about how his disparate athletic goals have made him an all around primal athlete. He mentions possible benefits to endurance performance from strength training, and how to do it correctly instead of getting exhausted and injured.

Tyler is a world traveler who has done everything from cutting trails in high mountain camps for the forest service, to leading tourists on mountain bike adventures in Turkey, to bolting civilized life for extended excursions like surfing in Costa Rica, trekking in Thailand, or studying art in Europe with MacKenzie.

Spend a little time with a real primal guy and get the straight scoop from Tyler Curley. 


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