#160: Listener Q&A

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Brad covers some very thoughtful Q&A, including where weights might fit into the seemingly rigid guidelines and how Primal Endurance differs from Primal Blueprint Fitness guidelines. He looks at the possibility of over-consuming fat and possibly compromising fat loss goals. Brad’s super duper awesome cure for plantar fasciitis, how MAF might require you to slow down to a fast walk in the name of rebuilding your broken down body. How to integrate carbs into peak performance efforts and do they cause any trouble? More great stuff along these lines, thanks for the great questions, enjoy the show!

Kevin asks about lifting weights. Please explain the Primal Endurance rules on this activity. Why are you so tough on strength training? [00:01:34] 

Tori wants to know about what can she do after surgery for ACL regarding recovery.  What can she do about her diet since she won’t be able to train as she has the past ten years? [00:06:01] 

Olivia has a wonderful testimonial regarding healthy eating. They are eating Keto and paleo and feels great.[00:13:07] 

David Porte. a 50-year-old trail runner, is a steady listener of the podcasts. What can be done about his plantar fasciitis? [00:15:27] 

Conrad asking about short sprints. What would be advised about altering my weekly schedule regarding sprints? [00:19:44] 

Darren has quite a running history. He asks about Maffetone’s suggestions of one hour sessions with 15 minute warm up, 30 minutes at maximum aerobic heart rate, and 15 minute cool down. He is training for NYC marathon. What distances should I be training at?  [00:24:35] 

Matt: How do mid-race or pre-race carbs affect my ability to burn fat?  [00:29:23]

Derek is asking: What do you recommend to someone who loves Keto but expends 3000 to 5000 calories a day during constant activity and two highly intense workouts per day? [00:35:50] 



Dr. Mark Cucuzella: He is a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. Of his many specialties he has designed programs to promote healthier and better running and has also worked on getting sugar out of the hospital because he knows excessive sugar consumption leads to a host of ailments.

Brad’s podcast with Mark Cucuzzella

Ketogains.com: This podcast is about how physiology affects food habits (and vice versa), carnivore diets, high vs. low-carb/keto for bodybuilding, exogenous ketones, how insulin sensitivity possibly affects BAT vs WAT fat depots.

Ted Mcdonald: Creator of barfoot running.  He has run the Inca Trail in Peru. He teaches yoga.

Paleo FX: The world’s premier holistic wellness event, covering healthy nutrition, fitness, sustainability, self-development, spirituality, relationships, entrepreneurship and everything in between.

Trail Runner Nation: They provide podcasts and social media connections for trail running, pacing, race nutrition, gear and much more.

UCan:  For a steady long-lasting energy without the sugar crash!!

Luis Villasenor:  A Podcast on strength training on a Ketogenic diet



You need to tie in what you are doing nutritionally in training and know exactly what is happening on race day. (Brad)

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