#155: Facebook Live Listener Q&A

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Host Brad Kearns ups the ante and records this podcast as a Facebook Live event! You can find the video to the show archived on the Primal Endurance Facebook page. Frequent contributor David Lapp weighs in on the do’s and don’ts of cold water therapy (use away from the training stimulus). An interesting question is posed about whether high ketone levels might enable magnificent endurance feats at a fast pace (sorry, no can do; the natural laws of the universe apply to fitness, and you will get tired if you aren’t prepared to go long…ask Brad when he tried to run 15 miles with Dr. Steven and made it only 7 before tying up). Another interesting question about an adverse telomere length test, and can one improve their longevity profile? Yes, including improving your time in the one-mile run to deliver a strong longevity benefit. Sebastian Bach of Skid Row gets a cameo, trip out on that.

David Lapp has asked if cold therapy is best right after workouts. [00:00:56] 

There shouldn’t be a big need to stretch unless you are overtraining!  [00:07:09] 

What about rolling out the IT band? [00:08:23] 

Should one push up to a higher heart rate? [00:10:10] 

Is fat adaptation the reason for my improvement or the MAF way of training? [00:12:35] 

Be cognizant that you may be ingesting food outside the recommended 12-hour window. [00:15:58] 

How does Brad make Kombucha? [00:21:02] 

Charles age 42 asks: “If I’m in ketosis, could I run a marathon and just keep going if I run slow enough?” [00:24:36] 

Paul age 53 says:  “My telomeres tests show that my body is 13 years older than my chronological age! YIKES!!! What can I do?” [00:30:54] 

Aerobics Institute in Texas predicts longevity with a test of a one-mile run. [00:40:57] 


“There shouldn’t be a need to stretch unless you are overtraining.”

“Keep your caloric ingesting within a 12-hour window.”



Aerobic Institute

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

The Maybe Not So Definitive Guide to Cold Therapy

Brad Kearns Chest Freezer Cold Plunge

Brad Kearns Morning Green Smoothie

IT Band

Eating Academy

Sami Inkinen


Ben Greenfield

21-Day Primal Reset


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