#154: Deep Questions

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Brad fields many interesting and unusual questions in today’s podcast.

Question from Charles: What entails maximum sustained power training? How often should a person do this?  [00:01:27]

Brad warns about the danger of road cycling. [00:12:11] 

Brad explains workouts done properly. [00:18:08] 

David Lapp asks: How do you get rid of the bad habit of chronic training patterns?  [00:23:13] 

What is the argument against consistency? [00:29:04] 

Brad gives the secret password for a discount on the Primal Endurance course. [00:34:01] 

Todd asks: If one takes a long walk or a hike at a brisk pace,  is it possible to still trigger the flight or fight response in the body? [00:35:36] 

Travis asks about his frustration of trying to adjust to the MAF training. [00:41:15] 

The cutoff point for 50-50 (50 percent aerobic and 50 percent anaerobic) is a race that lasts 1 minute and 25 seconds.



“A little goes a long way. Make sure you get rest.”


“Of all the dangerous things you may do in your life remember that road cycling is the number one most dangerous thing you can do.  Be careful out there!!”


“The cutoff point for 50-50 (50 percent aerobic contribution and 50 percent anaerobic contribution) is a race that lasts 1 minute and 25 seconds.”




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