#153: Andre Obradovic: Don’t Be A Muppet, Be a Powerful, Fat Burning Beast

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Host Brad Kearns talks to Andre Obradovic from Melbourne, Australia. Andre is a highly engaging personal trainer, triathlon coach, and elite level performer in the 50+ ranks at 70.3 triathlon?ranked 10th in the Ironman All World Athlete rankings for Australia, the most competitive triathlon environment on the planet, mate. Andre’s remarkable story of transitioning from a “little fatty carb burner, sucking up food like a pool sweep machine” back in 2011 to a lean, mean, fat burning beast will inspire you to trust the process and be the best you can be. Basically, Andre cut processed carbs, slowed down his training pace, threw in some mobility/flexibility and power training, and started getting healthier and faster. He went from needing an energy gel to complete a 10k run, to improve his marathon time by 17 minutes despite being 7 years older.  Now he is so committed to the primal approach that he refuses to train a prospective client in his gym until they agree to transition from a SAD diet (Standard Australian Diet – yes they wolf down Weetabix Down Under) to a nutritious, primal-style diet. 

Andre peppers in some highly entertaining and memorable quotes during this show. Trust the process, don’t be a “muppet” (a blind follower of what Andre calls “conventional stupidity”), don’t fritter time away on “Wastebook”, and when you’re running a marathon, focus on a rapid cadence with balanced center of gravity, and try the mantra “Glutes On! Hips Up!”?yes, technique matters even when you’re jogging along at marathon pace. Try training and even racing without a watch to increase focus on form and intuitively optimal effort.  

Andre relates how only two years ago, he was hopeless in the gym. He studied the Maximum Sustained Power concept detailed in Primal Endurance book and Mastery Course and even booked a private Skype session with MSP guru Jacques DeVore to get a custom program designed. Yeah, this dude you line up against in the 50-54 division is going into the gym and hitting the hex bar deadlift with multiple sets at 97 kilos (that’s 213lbs for a guy weighing a buck-forty – amazing!), along with numerous complementary exercises like lat pulls, clap pushups, Bulgarian split lunges (sounds hard), Swiss ball core work, and explosive lunge walks. Yes, friends, this is the picture of the evolved multisport athlete ? grabbing podiums spots while training more sensibly and less exhaustively. This is not about flawed and dated “quality vs quantity” debate, but rather about eating right, balancing stress and rest at all times, honoring the MAF heart rate for aerobic development, looking at the big picture of training that includes flexibility/mobility and strength/power as well as endurance, making intuitive decisions (Andre does an extensive warmup in the gym and then has a “check-in” moment before he proceeds with the hard stuff.) Finally, Andre embodies that relaxed, “no worries, mate,” Aussie ethos where you tone down the misplaced competitive intensity and enjoy the journey. Andre reminds us that life is short but we are dead for a bloody long time, so you might as well make your best effort. Enjoy the show. 


Andre Obradovic tells us his outstanding accomplishments and has good tips for maintaining health and recovering from stress caused fatigue.  [00:01:20] 

Does he really run marathon at his MAF heart rate? [00:04:25] 

After gaining weight, he was transformed back to normal healthy weight because of the dietary changes he made. [00:06:52] 

Flexibility/mobility training is most important. [00:15:23] 

Should you be focusing on your time and heart rate? [00:20:29] 

Why are we in such a rush? [00:24:40] 

We should be aware how stress affects the family. [00:27:23] 

What does he mean by his “gluts and high hips” mantra when he is running? Why should we run with barefoot? 00:29:19] 

You ought to be able to race without data. [00:32:41] 

How does (MSP) maximum sustained power correlate to endurance competitive goals? What is Andre’s workout routine?  00:36:59] 

Checking in on our bodies is so important. [00:43:53] 


– I go against conventional stupidity!

– Don’t be a Muppet?get off the couch!

– Personal trainers should be talking about diet before the physical training.

– The endurance athlete’s perceived sign of success seems to be training themselves into exhaustion.

– You ought to be able to race without data.

– Think Wastebook instead of Facebook!

– Checking in on our bodies is so important.


Andre Obradovic


Primal Endurance Mastery Course

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