# 147: Andrew MacNaughton

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Host Brad Kearns welcomes favored recurring guest Andrew MacNaughton of TheAthletesPotential. It’s been a while since we caught up with Andrew, so he details his dietary experimentation with keto, his return to training after a year of minimal exercise, and the usual assortment of juicy asides and insights about adopting the proper mindset for endurance exercise. Andrew went deep with some 24-hour and even 48-hour fasting, saying that it was no trouble–even while doing moderate aerobic workouts during the fasting period. The show discusses the great potential of functional medicine to help athletes get healthy, the necessary first step to pursuing fitness goals. Gut dysfunction is so prevalent these days, and functional testing can go where traditional medicine does not. Andrew does complete testing every two years so he can track his progression of aging and make sure he is doing the best he can to sustain peak function. 

Andrew recommends that athletes ask themselves the important questions of, “what would be best?” “how can I do better?” (for health, for peak performance, etc.) and then work toward the best accommodation of those goals. Putting health as the absolute #1 priority is a good start. Enjoy the show. Please take a moment to leave the show a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts and spread the word to your peeps on social media.

What did Andrew learn when he tried the Keto experiment as well as trying fasting? [00:01:18] 

It takes less time to recover from no meal than it does to recover from bad food! [00:04:08] 

What about damage from the vegetable oils? [00:08:07] 

What happens as you age when your childhood eating habits were poor? [00:10:06] 

What kind of functional testing does he do with his clients? [00:14:24] 

What are some of the results Andrew finds in his own testing? [00:16:05]

Can one always tell when they have a problem like in the digestive system? [00:19:33] 

When acknowledging that our bodies aren’t functioning perfectly, it is important to at least learn what would be best for you as you move forward. [00:20:45] 

It is very common in this current lifestyle to be so busy that you ignore your body. [00:24:24] 

With Andrew’s experimenting in diet, what were the effects on his exercise and training? [00:27:39] 

Comfort food will eventually make you uncomfortable. [00:39:07] 

Do you know what it feels like to feel good? [00:40:35] 

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