#132: Listener Q&A

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Brad Kearns tackles more interesting Q&A from Primal Endurance podcast listeners and book readers. Submit your questions at www.primalblueprint.com/endurance and they will get covered on the air. While the questions relate to the specific needs of the individual, the answers are presented in a manner that applies to a broad audience. Listen and enjoy learning about the challenges and successes of your endurance peers, and come away with plenty of practical tips to help improve your training and competitive results.

Carl has been on the Paleo diet for almost a year. Is there a good app with heart rate alarm? [00:01:21] 

Lisa is 48 and has been following the MAF for several months with limited results. Is it okay that my VO2 test on a treadmill showed that my aerobic threshold is 5 beats higher than 180 minus my age? [00:02:04] 

MaryAnn just started trying heart rate training.  I am slower than when I started.  Is this normal? [00:08:45]

Mike asks: Is there a comfortable maximum duration for a training run. Running is more taxing than biking. [00:10:25] 

Mike also adds: Does the aerobic base for running help your cycling base and vice versa? [00:13:03] 

From Ward: What is the efficacy for the 100-UP drill of Walter George as made popular by Christopher McDougall. Is this a good way to both build foot/leg strength and to develop good running form? [00:15:38] 

Brian asks about the Keto diet:  Can you share what a day or two in the life of Brad’s Keto eating looks like? [00:18:40] 

More from Brian:  Are there any rough guidelines for the amount of aerobic training (hours in a week) to complete a given event in a reasonable time? [00:27:49] 

Kareem asks about his outrigger paddling training for the 38 mile Molokai channel to Oahu. What test should he take as an endurance athlete?  [00:31:02] 

Rick is a marathon runner and his question is about fueling with gels. [00:36:16]

Walter George

Christopher McDougall

Molokai to Oahu race


Nourish, Balance, Thrive

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