#126: Jacques Devore

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Host Mark Sisson welcomes his old friend and strength training expert Jacques DeVore, proprietor of Sirens and Titans Fitness in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA. Jacques was featured extensively in the book Primal Endurance for his innovative Maximum Sustained Power (MSP) workout protocol that helps athletes experience performance breakthroughs with time-efficient workouts in the gym that correlate exactly to their competitive goals. Yes, MSP can help both extreme endurance athletes and explosive power athletes. Jacques has worked with Olympic-level sprinters and high jumpers as well as Tour de France level cyclists. He is champion masters cyclist himself! Jacques and Mark get into some good subject matter that will interest fitness enthusiasts of all types.

Mark interviews Jacques Devore about the critical component missing in most endurance athletes. [00:00:16] 

Should an athlete focus primarily on “his or her” particular sport when training? [00:06:25] 

What is the equation for sustainable power? [00:07:41] 

What does it take to retain maximum power? [00:10:48] 

What is an example of the athlete getting up to the next level? [00:15:32] 

Is weight lifting body building? [00:23:31] 

How does diet come into play with these bikers? [00:24:33] 

How does this work with runners and swimmers? [00:25:38] 

Is this something the average person could benefit from? [00:27:28] 

What is the most accurate measure for power? [00:29:27] 

When you look at mobility, you understand what is needed for how your body moves. [00:33:28] 

What is the basic adoption of this principle in the next couple of years? [00:37:41]

All of the subsequent cardio workouts have a much greater value when you follow this principle. [00:40:11] 

Maximum Overload for Cyclists

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