#124: Phil Maffetone: Overfat and Fat-Adapted Eating

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Co-hosts Brad Kearns and Lindsay Taylor hit Phil with some questions, including several submitted by members of the popular MAF Method Facebook group and the Primal Endurance Facebook group. Phil sets the record straight on the concept of a modified Maffetone aerobic maximum heart rate calculation for fat-adapted athletes. “Doesn’t work,” says the MAF man himself. Strive to get faster at your “180-age” heart rate instead of cheat up to higher heart rates, more stress, and more glucose burning. Phil asserts why you should subtract 10 from your 180-age number if you can taking any kind of prescription medication. Phil talks through the pros and cons of fasting versus getting some nutritious fat calories in to start your day. Enjoy many other juicy topics in this fast moving Q&A show!

Are there modifications to the maximum aerobic heart rate (MAF formula) in relation to healthy dietary habits? [00:02:33] 

Does the 180 minus age formula apply to everyone? [00:08:56] 

Question from a listener: If I am working out at 180 minus age but I’m on thyroid medication and I am forgetting to subtract the 10 that I should, am I in the black hole? [00:12:57] 

If we are on hormonal (birth control) medication, do we still subtract 10 from the formula? [00:15:10] 

Can you explain the importance of the moderate speed workouts compared to going full speed while training? [00:16:48] 

Even the big winners find that their bodies begin to fail them when they have been doing all-out training over the years. [00:22:57] 

People complain when they have to run slower.  Then they end up complaining that they should have run faster! They don’t understand what is happening in their body. [00:26:06] 

As people age, are there any special considerations for adjusting the MAF formula? [00:28:04] 

One has to be honest with him or herself about the progress of their fitness. [00:33:35] 

Is there a formula for the number of hours one should train when they are looking forward to an extra long race? [00:35:18] 

Why do people need to learn this on their own? Why ignore the experts who have been there? [00:43:12] 

Why define our world as a “no pain, no gain” society? [00:47:46] 

Will one to two beers be okay after a long run? [00:48:35] 

What do you think is the most misunderstood concept of the MAF approach? [00:50:21] 

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